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FAQs - Technical Support and Guides in the following:

Q1: What should I do if I forgot the password? /How to reset the passwords?

A1:1. Press and hold the “Right” arrow key
      2. Move the power switch to “ON” position
      3. The cam turns on and password cleared
      Note: This will clear all the settings(reset to factory).

Q2: Can I use rechargeable batteries?

A2: We recommend the use of Energizer AA Lithium batteries in this camera to obtain maximum battery life. Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries can be used, but are NOT recommended as the lower voltage (generally 1.2V) they produce can cause night recording issues, and you also may have to replace them frequently.

Q3: What type of adaptor can I use as external power for the camera?

A3: Thank you for your question. There are 3 types of different adaptors for different cameras: (1)4.0* 1.7 mm, 12V/1A; (2)5.5*2.1mm, 12V/1A; (3)3.5*1.35mm, 6V/2A. You need to check the detail spacification of the camera you own.

Q4: What do you use to clean the PIR sensor mine has scuff marks on it?

A4: Soft and clean cloth is the best choice.

Q5: Does this take continuous video? I want it for home security without all the wires and hassles. Also, do I have to have internet for this?

A5: Yes, it can take continuous video. You could not have internet for it. It saved videos and photos with SD cards. But we now also have trail cameras with wifi or 4G function, which you can find in the menu.

Q6: What setting do you put it on when you set it as a trail cam. On or  Set?

A6: Set. All settings you should put the button to "Set" position. And when it on Set position, you can press the "Right" button to take the pictures.

Q7: Does it have a lock box that will fit it?

A7: There's a strap coming with the camera in the package, you can use it to attach the camera to a tree. And you can purchase a security box and cable lock from our store to protect the camera if you like.

Q8: What kind of tripod socket can I use?

A8: The camera is equipped with a socket at the bottom end to enable mounting on a tripod or other mounting accessories with a standard UNC 1/4-20 thread screw(user supplied).

Q9: Does this camera come with an SD card?

A9: This camera does not come with an SD card. You can order from our store or other store.

Q10: How long is the warranty on this camera?

A10: One year.

Q11: Not compatible with mac?

A11: With the USB cable, you could download pictures or video clips from the SD card and view as well as playback them on your Mac easily.

Q12: Will it overwrite and keep going when the SD card is full?

A12: You can set the "Loop Recording" to On or Off. Selecting On option will cause the oldest files to be overwritten with new captures when the SD card reaches its capacity. With Off option selected, the camera will stop capturing images once the SD card reaches capacity.

Q13: What is the polarity of the power supply? The ground on the center or outer?

A13: You can see it on pictures. And there's a mark of the polarity of the battery in the battery slots, you can easily see it and put in the batteries.

Q14: What solar chargers are compatible, they are sold on Amazon?

A14: Yes, you can use a power bank or solar application as an external power source, but you have to fit the DC port interface and DC voltage output to fit the camera.

Q15: How do you get sound for the videos?

A15: We are sorry that this cameras A252 and A262 have no sound. Other models can record sound. But because the camera does not have a speaker, there is no sound when playing the video on the camera. You can get sounds when using a computer or mobile phone to playback.

Q16: I set it up last night, very excited, unhooked it this morning and nothing? It shot some film before the sunset then just blank!

A16: Please also make sure you set it in a proper distance and sensitivity level (we suggest you set it as a high level if the distance is long.

Q17: I wish the instructions were more precise about exactly how to set up filming. I am puzzled by the fact that it keeps going into Work mode and shutting.

A17: When you turn it to "ON" position, the screen will turn off in 15 seconds. But don't worry, it will start work as you set.

Q18: Is there some special button for night vision?

A18: There is no special button for night vision. When it is night time, the infrared IR LED light will be working and go into the night vision model. Also, you can set the time when the camera will be working at night for you. You could set the time when it takes pictures or record videos at night time. And the user manual shows you how to do it in details. Please have a check it.

Q19: Can you review the photos on the display? If so, how?

A19: Yes, of course, you can. Please on SET position, and press OK, then you can see the photos on the screen, UP and DOWN to change photos, and LEFT can enlarge photos. About this, you can also find on the manual.

Q20: How do you set time of day?

A20: Please put in on SET position and then long press the OK/MENU button, enter down button find time and date and press OK, then you can set the date and time.

Q21: Is it waterproof?

A21: Definitely it is waterproof, with IP66 drop-proof and dust-proof level, can work in tough environments like desert or tropical rain forest.

Q22: Can the cameras connect with iPhone or Android phone?

A22: Most of the models could not connect with the iPhone or Android phone except the WIFI camera.

Q23: What kind of security box do I need to get?

A23: You can purchase a security box and cable lock from our store to protect the camera if you like. Please make sure you choose the right one for the camera you own.

Q24: How large an SD card can be used in this camera?

A24: We have different support capacity for different cameras, please refer to the specifications.

Q25:  Can I see pics on camera?

A25: Yes, you can, you can view pics on camera in Set position. And you can see pics on PC or smart phone, too.

Q26: Does it need a regular SD card or a micro SD card?

A26: We have different SD card slots for different cameras, please refer to the specifications.

Q27: Will it work as a motion-sensing camera for fish if I tie it underwater to a dock?

A27: This camera has a waterproof function, means that keeping normal work even it contacts water/drop/rain, but it can’t work underwater for a long time.

Q28: Will this work through a glass window? I mean that I have to put inside the window to conceal.

A28: Not suggest to do that.

Q29: How long will the batteries last on normal usage around a home?

A29: It depends on the quality of the batteries and the frequency that the camera takes videos and pictures. If only take pictures at daylight, batteries can last several months, but if it works at night, the time will be shorter, because IR takes much more power.

Q30: Do I have to buy anything for it?

A30: You have to buy 8 Energizer AA Lithium batteries and SD card for it to work.

Q31: Will this take pictures of a truck? Or does it need to be humans or animals?

A31: Yes, it can take pictures of the truck, it can automatically and constantly take pictures/videos at a specified interval in time-lapse feature as home security surveillance or office monitoring.

Q32: Can you program the unit to work only at night?

A32: Yes, you could set the cams to work only within a specified time period every day.

Q33:How to fix SD card when it shows "Please Insert the SD Card" or "The inserted disk is unrecognizable by this computer"?

A33: Please refer to this file to fix it.

        Fix SD card.

If you can't find the answers to your questions or in need of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will answer you soon. And here is our email address: support@blazevideo.net.

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