Protect property and garden with a game camera or trail camera?

Protect property and garden with a game camera or trail camera?

Wildlife cameras - at first you would think that only wild animals are recorded with them. In reality, however, these cameras are also used to monitor one's own property or garden. But why? Where can a wildlife camera be installed and used? And what do you have to consider?

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Protect property and garden with a game camera or trail camera?

Game camera for your own property - why actually?
The idea of a surveillance camera for your own property is not new. But why should a wildlife camera be purchased instead of a normal surveillance camera? The answer is pretty simple in practice. Wildlife cameras have a motion sensor that activates the camera exactly when a fox and a rabbit run in front of the lens. This is also where the big advantage lies.

Protect property and garden with a game camera or trail camera?

The trick with on-demand usage: Less storage as a big advantage
Surveillance cameras always have the weak point that even today the cloud storage is limited and that the recorded material is overwritten. This is of course bad if a burglar waved into the lens and exactly this material was overwritten due to lack of space. This risk is significantly lower with the game camera.

Motion sensor and photo trap - the special features of the wildlife camera

As already indicated, a wildlife camera does not record what is happening around the clock, but normally only when it is triggered. At the same time, it does not create a memory-intensive video, but photos, often even series pictures. The storage space required for this is significantly less than if videos had to be saved over the same period of time. Of course, the wildlife camera can also create a real video, but this has a lot on the battery.
Protect property and garden with a game camera or trail camera?
Another issue is the motion sensor, which is so focused that it actually catches wildlife and triggers the camera. He is able to react even in impossible light situations, because this is exactly where the strength of a wildlife camera lies. In the deepest forests it is seldom light at night, so a sensitive sensor is necessary to catch a fox, rabbit or even wolf in the act.

The function check - what should a wildlife camera be able to do today?
A typical homeowner certainly has different demands on wildlife cameras than a forester, hunter or animal rights activist. This is less about an absolutely low volume, but more about the reliability of the shutter release. Nevertheless, the wildlife camera should offer solid night vision and also be able to display night photos via infrared.

In addition, there is a high resolution so that intruders can be recognized in the photo. Water resistance is a basic requirement, as is the possibility of expanding the internal storage space with memory cards. There are now a number of interesting models. Nevertheless, interested parties should check the wildlife cameras carefully in order to find a model for their intended use in the end.

Protect property and garden with a game camera or trail camera?

The dear money: What does a good game camera cost?
As with many devices, there are also versions of the game cameras that are very cheap and some that are very expensive. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is suitable, but if the recording angle and water resistance are not correct, they are usually bought twice. An overview of the prices:

Inexpensive, 40.00 - 60.00 euros: There are definitely good models here that are suitable for domestic use. However, there are weak points: the shutter release often takes a long time, some of the batteries cannot be replaced or they have a very short service life.
Protect property and garden with a game camera or trail camera?
Middle class, 60.00 - 100.00 euros: They generally react faster and offer better images. The batteries (often lithium batteries) can also be replaced.

Upper class, from 100.00 euros: These are professional game cameras that can sometimes be left alone for days without the memory card being full or the battery empty.

Game camera for my own property - am I even allowed to do that?
Monitoring your own property is of course generally allowed. Nevertheless, even your own garden is not an unlawful area, so some rules must be observed. The basic tenor is always that the privacy and personal rights of third parties must not be violated.

Game camera against possible intruders - effective or not?
It can be assumed that a wildlife camera alone will not prevent a burglar from the act if he is already there. The wildlife camera does not trigger an alarm, but it is effective against burglars. However, special wildlife cameras send an SMS when they are triggered so that the police can be called in good time.

The benefit is hidden in the position and conviction of the perpetrator. A large number of break-ins remain unsolved because the perpetrators simply cannot be found. Recordings made with the wildlife camera can lead to successful searches and thus to the conviction of the perpetrators and even to the discovery of the stolen goods.

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